Currently, the best way to gift a Craft Beer Passport plan to a friend or family member is via email using our free to download mobile app!

This is a screenshot of our Send a Gift Screen.

1. Open The Main Menu

Click on ‘Send A Gift’.

This is a screenshot of Send a Gift Screen!

2. Choose A Plan

3 Stamps, 10 Stamps or All Stamps Plan. Prices are the same as the plans you buy for yourself.

This is a screenshot of our Gift Details Screen!

3. Enter Recipient Info

Enter your name and email address as well as your recipient’s name and email address. You can also send them a personalized message!

4. Recipient IS SENT E-GIFT

Confirm your purchase and within 12hrs your recipient will be sent an E-Gift including download links, a gift code and the instructions they need to add the plan to their account.

This is a screenshot of E-Gift email!