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2. Get a CBP Plan

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season of craft beer discovery!

3. Visit A Participating Bar

Use map view to stay in the know, wherever you are!

4. Select a 12 OZ. BEER

Choose from 3+ taps at each stop!

5. Pay $2 + TIP

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pay it forward!

6. Get Server To LEAVE MARK

Every Passport tells a different story!


Oh wait…there’s more!

Discover the best local bars and breweries and enjoy deeply discounted craft beer using our new mobile app! Get to know the city–one neighborhood at a time–through its various craft beer bars and breweries.


Using the directory you can rest assured that delicious and affordable craft beer is always just a few minutes away. In fact, the first bar listed is the nearest participating bar or brewery!

Check the map!

Use our custom map to find that next closest stop, the best route to your favourite brewery or to plan a bar crawl in a neighbourhood you rarely get the chance to hang out in!

Bar Profiles

We’ve gathered all the info from each of the participating establishments so that you don’t have to! In each profile we’ve put their address, opening hours, phone number and social media links, all at your fingertips!

Collect Stamps

Collect ‘stamps’ as you go to fill up your Passport and keep track of your adventures! Kindly ask your server to design their own stamp on your phone once you’ve ordered your beer!


Use the menu to easily change or renew your CBP Plan. You can also find your unique referral code, which you can use to earn yourself some extra stamps when you get your friends to sign up!

Send a gift

Send the gift of beer to your friends and family directly from our app! Choose from any of our plans, include their email and a personal message and we’ll get it over to them in a beautiful e-card.



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3 Stamps


  • Visit any 3 bars

  • $2.00/12oz. beer 

  • 3 month expiration

10 Stamps


  • Visit any 10 bars

  • $2.00/12oz. beer

  • 3 month expiration

ALL Stamps


  • Visit ALL the bars

  • $2.00/12oz. beer

  • 6 month expiration


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